Sustainable apparel with a narrative.

We are deliberate about how we do good business in fashion. We're not here to push you to shop. Our online store is "wear" Kayenne because we want to be conscious about how we consume fashion and apparel.

It's important for us to do good by you with quality products and to do good by our partners and the environment that make this happen.

But, we're not perfect, we're learning, listening and evolving. We see a better, more compassionate world by thinking about your clothes differently. If Kayenne fits your wardrobe, we’d love for you to have us.

As part of our environmental sustainability goals, we are working towards minimizing our carbon, fabric and water footprint at every step.


We source and select fabrics made from natural fibres first. We seek materials that will align to and execute the purpose of the garment such as wearability, comfort and performance matched with as much natural material as we can. When we source, we prioritize GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified fabrics through our GRS accredited suppliers to ensure a consistent level of natural fibre and sustainable options.

Designed for comfort and function. We marry materials and quality craftsmanship to make pieces that are made to wear, move and last. We aim for each piece to be situation and season agnostic, that are not short-lived fashion trends. We hope you wear Kayenne all the time, for a long time.

Tested so that it is fit for purpose in its design and wear. We provide thorough care instructions to help extend the life of Kayenne's products and reduce their environmental impact. We try our best to seek low maintenance and impact care options.

We put a lot of love into our packaging to ensure it met our environmentally responsible goals while withstanding transit turbulence. Our 100% recycled kraft mailers printed with algae ink are durable and can be reused in many ways.

We recommend that you repair your garments. Please contact us for any help or guidance. Instead of disposing of your pieces in the waste, worn items can also be sold on pre-loved platforms and stores. We'd love create a renewal program for Kayenne.

Good business and more compassion in fashion.

Good business means being responsible and thoughtful in how we take care and show up for each other. Kayenne is compassionate to the human body. In order to do this, we try our best to be as inclusive and representative across all intersectionalities such as race, gender, sexuality and size — both in our products and in our content.

Right now, we are limited as a small company to carry a full-size range, but hope to do so in the future.

Open about what we do: brand transparency.

We're deliberate about what we say and do. For each of our pieces, you'll be able to read "behind the design" on why the piece exists and important details like how it moves, stretches, falls and fits. Since we don't have a store yet, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to imagine yourself in our clothes.

So proudly Canadian: our prices.

Responsible business means we are transparent about our pricing. Right now, with our local manufacturing, and importation and delivery of materials, our clothes start from a place that is more expensive than other fashion brands. We recognize if our prices may not be in your budget. Kayenne is sold exclusively online to you at this time.

Our partners are in our local community.

We spent months looking for the right partners and manufacturing factories for Kayenne. All our pieces are designed, patterned, cut, hand-made, hand-finished and pressed by various partners and manufacturers in Vancouver BC.

We chose to look for local partners to be able to have greater control over our operations and be able to easily oversee the conditions and quality of our garments in production. We also get to visit - via bike - the factory floor to make sure the environment for all of team members that are involved is safe and ethical. We can see the manufacturing process from start to finish.

Our manufacturing partners work in good conditions and are paid a fair living wage. We adhere to all employment standards and labour laws in Canada. 

Our goal is to bring representation into the fashion scene to build our Canadian fashion and apparel industry in a better way. As Canadian, sustainable and female minority.