What is Kayenne?
Kayenne is a women’s apparel brand based in Vancouver, BC Canada. Kayenne’s ethos is compassionate transparency and transformation in the fashion and apparel industry. Let’s break that down:

  • Kayenne focuses on designing apparel that is functional & timeless
  • Kayenne exists for driving the change for transparency in the materials use,  performance, and impact of the fashion supply chain
  • Kayenne strives for improved fashion business practices

What kind of clothes do you make?
Kayenne makes the next generation of office apparel. However, Kayenne pieces fit seamlessly in casual to business formal events throughout any part of the day.

Is Kayenne Sustainable? 
We work towards sustainability in every part of of our operations  in each design and in how we do business and work with others. Kayenne sources appropriate raw materials from mills and textile wholesalers we've spent time getting to know. We prioritize re/upcycled fabrics that meet the clothing designs' requirements while ensuring the quality carries you through many wears, washes and seasons. 

Equally as important, is how we’ll get it to you in our recyclable Kraft mailers and ongoing help for you to love the pieces for years of wear. You can learn more about our sustainability approach on our Responsibility and Sustainability page. 

Where are the clothes made? 
Currently, Kayenne is designed and made in Vancouver, B.C. It is a part of our mission to work with partners that share our sustainable and responsible values. We hand selected local manufacturers with ethical wages, safe working conditions, and innovative practices. If and should any of these operations change, Kayenne's mission is to be transparent with you throughout the process.

What size do I wear? Where can I try Kayenne?
Each of our pieces have their own size guide to help you find the your fit under "Feel, Fit & Size" on our product pages. If you are in between sizes and want immediate help, you can DM us on Instagram or on our Chat for immediate help.

Currently, we only offer our online store. We are working on having pop ups and trunk shows so you can feel, try on, and style Kayenne. In the mean time, if you'd like to have a fitting, please email us at support@wearkayenne.com.

Where do you ship? And how much is it?
Kayenne can ship to wherever you are. Shipping options will be presented to you at Checkout with costs and shipping time respective of the option you select. We also have a local pick up option available in Vancouver, if you'd prefer to pick up your order. 

Why doesn't my product have hang tags when it arrives? 
Because that's just extra waste! Instead, we provide you with a packing slip which has your order details. Since we fulfill all online orders at our space, we don't need hang tags to tell us where and what our products are. 

What if my Kayenne piece doesn't fit?
That's normal and okay! Please reach out to us at support@wearkayenne.com and we can find the right size for you together or an alternative solution.