Womenswear that has it all.

It's a simple concept: work and lifestyle apparel don't have to be exclusive and no longer should be. At Kayenne, we make sustainable apparel that transition seamlessly from brunch to the boardroom, meeting the demands of the multi-faceted lifestyle women lead.

We embrace a compassionate wardrobe that prioritizes comfort enabling multi-purpose, multi-use, so you want to wear the clothes all the time. Compassionate apparel is becoming thoughtful about consumption and renewal.

This social versatility and consciousness is the core of Kayenne.

It's all in the approach.

Behind each detail are insights of the wearer’s daily endeavors. Designed for purpose, we do not follow industry-led trends. Instead we create timeless, trans-seasonal pieces. We do small production runs to minimize waste.

Executed by good business.

Kayenne also stands for responsible business practices. From sustainability to how, why and where we work with our partners, including suppliers and manufacturing factories.

Collection 001 blends traditional office apparel with the modernity and comfort of streetwear. New pieces release throughout 2021.

We are currently based in and manufacture in Vancouver B.C., Canada.